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Carpal Gel Sleeve

Carpal Gel Sleeve

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Carpal Gel Sleeve with Gel Pad

Post Op Gel Sleeve for Carpal Tunnel

Carpel Gel Sleeve - Placement
For placement directly over carpal tunnel post-operative scar area. Adhesive-backed carpel gel pads provide the protection of the sleeve while allowing custom placement. Reduces discomfort caused by hypersensitivity. Can be worn under gloves and/or splints.

Carpal Gel Sleeve w/Pad
??? Use ??? anatomically designed gel pad helps prevent and reduce shock,
impact, and vibration
??? Reduces discomfort caused by hypersensitivity
??? Ideal for keloid and hypertrophic scarring. Great for carpal tunnel post-op
??? 4-way stretch fabric allows full wrist motion
??? Mineral oil gel pad helps reduce the appearance of scar tissue
??? Provides warmth and mild compression

Measure Wrist Circumference
Small / Medium 13-17cm
Large / X/Large 17-19cm
Sold Singularly

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