What the Treatment Does

Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS) is a non-invasive ultrasound technology that sends a painless mechanical force through tissue to stimulate the bone healing.

This process activates cell-reproduction and protein expression and enhances cellular behaviour at the fracture site.

How to Treat

The bone fracture treatment should start as soon as possible. The ultrasound head is to be strapped over the fracture site and turned on. The treatment will last for 20 minutes and is to be performed daily.

The device can be purchased or rented. Depending on your cover the fee may be covered by insurance.

  • Which bones can be treated?



    Femur, Tibia & Fibula

    Foot & Ankle


  • What slows fractures healing?


    Diabetes & Obesity

    High impact & risk fractures

    Concomitant medications

    Advanced age


  • How proven is this technology?

    LIPUS has proven to heal non-union

    fractures by 86%

    Studies show that, on average, fresh

    fractures will heal 38% faster with

    ultrasound treatment.

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Ease of use

  • Non invasive
  • Application over fracture site
  • 20 minute treatment daily


Where bone is needed to form/heal/remodel

Bone and Soft Tissue Indications

  • Fresh fractures
  • Delayed unions
  • Non-unions
  • To promote healing at boney / tendon junction

Special Indications

  • Delayed unions
  • Pseudarthrosis – AND even with very long lasting pseudarthrosis

Benefits to patients

  • Quicker bone healing (between 30 to 50 % faster recovery
  • Extremely successful track record for solving delayed unions
    and healing Pseudarthrosis (10 % of all fractures)
  • Earlier back to the job
  • Ease of use
  • No side effects

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