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Oscimed Cast Cutter Saw

Oscimed Cast Cutter Saw

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Benefits of Oscimed:

Domestic Repair - Distributors can repair saws themselves, except for major problems (e.g. engines), rather than being sent to the parent factory. This reduced transport and custom costs and waiting times.

Vibration - Despite the light weight, the Oscimed saw experiences minimal vibration during use, resulting in greater comfort.

Temperature - Oscimed does not experience problems with overheating and has a lower overall temperature compared to other cast saws resulting in a safer use product.

Price - Oscimed saws are generally lower priced than other cast saws resulting in a more affordable option.


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We currently have three different Cast Saws available:

a) Oscimed ERGO II Cast Saw

b) Oscimed 2000 Cast Saw Cutter

c) Oscimed PSV II - PSV Saw Vacuum sold separately

Click HERE for the instruction manual.

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