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Spectra Putty Bundle Pack

Spectra Putty Bundle Pack

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This pack includes: 1 x 85gm tub in Yellow, 1 x 85gm tub in Red, 1 x 85gm tub in Green and 1 x 85gm tub in Blue.

Our premium SecurPutty features SIX resistances to choose from.

  • Discover the superior quality of Secur Exercise Putty
  • Provide individual graded strengthening client programs
  • Promote increased range of motion
  • Promote strengthening and tendon gliding

For weak clients start with Soft Yellow. Medium-Soft Red, Medium Green and Firm Blue are excellent for a variety of exercises requiring medium-grade resistance.

Level 1: Soft, Yellow

Level 2: Med-Soft, Red

Level 3: Medium, Green

Level 4: Firm, Blue

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