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Ulnar Carpal Support Splint

Ulnar Carpal Support Splint

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Ulnar Carpal Support Splint- by Dr. Rosemary Prosser

The Rolyan Ulnar Carpal Support Wrist Splint has been designed by leading Hand Therapist Dr Rosemary Prosser specifically for ulnar carpal wrist treatment.

Q&A with Dr Rosemary Prosser:
How does UCS work?
The UCS splint is designed to support the distal radioulnar joint and ulnar aspect of the wrist. It should stabilize the ulna head and control dorsal subluxation of the ulna head relative to the distal radius. The ulnar strap needs to attach to the circumferential strap dorsoradially.

What is different with the UCS?
The ulnar strap provides support and proprioception to improve awareness and helps control ulnar deviation and wrist stability.
What improvements have been made?
The breathable material has been retained, the shape & straps have been reconfigured, and the edge overlocking has been added to improve splint durability and function.
What conditions should the UCS splint be used for?
The splint should be considered for: ulnar carpal injuries including TFCC, ulnar carpal ligament strains; Lunotriquetral ligament injuries; Distal Radioulnar Joint ligament injuries; and midcarpal instability.
  • Unique Ulnar Carpal elastic strap
  • Breathoprene material allows air through and wicks perspiration away from the skin for enhanced comfort and compliance
  • The two-way stretch 3.2mm thick, soft material provides compression and a contoured shape for a perfect fit.
  • The breathoprene material allows for further customisation of the splint. The material will not fray when cut.
  • Latex free
  • Colour: Black
  • Ulnar carpal instability
  • Ulnar carpal ligamentous injuries
  • Distal radial ulnar joint problems
  • Triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
The Ulnar Carpal Support Wrist Splint can also be used as a wrist cock up splint by simply inserting the metal stay and detaching the ulnar carpal elastic strap.
  • Post Colle's fracture
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Wrist sprain / ligamentous injuries
  • Sizing:
    To size, measure circumference at the wrist crease.
    XS <14.0cm
    S 14.0 - 16.5cm
    M 16.5 - 18.4cm
    L 18.4 - 20.3cm
    XL 20.3 - 22.2cm
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