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Totalprene ( Neoprene) with medical plush Lining

Totalprene ( Neoprene) with medical plush Lining

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Totalprene (Neoprene) with Medical Plush Lining

Neoprene Traditional Material Nylon on Medical Plush Lining
TOTALPRENE offers creative options in your choice of neoprene based fabrics.

This is the traditional range with a nylon fabric laminated over the neoprene layer with medical plush liner, for added ventilation/wicking action and is available in various thicknesses and colour combinations.

The material illustrated shows the red medical plush lining. We stock the black lining as it tends to be the colour of choice for the lining. Other colours are available on request

The Medical Plush Lining allows the material to breath and assists in providing a heat level that is comfortable with less perspiration than the traditional sheet material.

Thickness Width Length
2.0mm 1.2m 2.0m
2.5mm 1.2m 2.0m
3.0mm 1.2m 2.0m
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