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Sof-Stretch Extension Splint

Sof-Stretch Extension Splint

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Rolyan Sof-Stretch Extension Splints are ideal for PIP joint tightness, contractures, and boutonniere deformity.

Soft Stretch Finger Splint


  • The plastic coated wires of the Rolyan Sof-Stretch Extension Splint simplify modification for finger size and fluctuations in oedema.
  • The angled distal pad applies pressure evenly, providing complete surface contact.
  • Dynamic force assists the PIP joint into extension with minimal extension of the MCP joint.
  • "P" on proximal pad reminds patient to apply the splint with the P near the palm.
  • Hand wash, air dry.
  • Latex free
  • Colour White
Sizing Guide:
For size, with finger straight, measure corresponding finger on unaffected hand from distal palmar crease to distal finger crease.
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