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Slip on Typing Aids

Slip on Typing Aids

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The Slip On Typing/Keyboard Aid is a typing aid designed specially for people with limited grasp. It provides independent typing to those who cannot access keyboard with their fingers.

Slips on and off hand easily, tightens with a Velcro ® Brand strap. Has rubber tip for touching the keys. Molded plastic adjusts with heat gun. Easy to clean.

Slip On Typing Aid Features

  • Made of molded plastic, use a heat gun to adjust the typing aid
  • Slip On Typing or Keyboard Aid tightens with a 3-1/2" Velcro strap
  • Loop slips on and off the hand easily
  • Pointer end has a rounded rubber tip for touching the keys
  • One can use this computer access aid to improve skills with typewriters, adding machines, calculators and telephones

Choose Right or Left

  • Measure circumference around the hand:
    • Small measures 6-1/2 inches
    • Large measures 7-1/2 inches
  • Note: Image is shown with Keyboard which is not included
  • PLEASE ALLOW 10-14 DAYS FOR DELIVERY if not shown in stock
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