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Securtrac Ortho Bed Traction System

Securtrac Ortho Bed Traction System

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SecurTrac Ortho Bed Traction System

The SecurTrac Ortho Bed Traction System is a static traction device, allowing a specific applied traction force. This includes a traction force for the neck, lumbar or leg areas.

The SecurTrac comes in at under 6kgs, folds and is easy to store. Set up on most beds with a standard 32mm post hole is only in minutes and can be set up easily by 1 person, in preparation for the client to be fitted with a traction garment of bandage.


A traction force is applied using a water weight bag or other weight and a suitable garment/bandage.

  • Vertical and horizontal positioning is available for best placement of traction force.
  • The system features a unique hinged system that allows attachment to both standard and bariatric hospital beds.
  • The hinge system does not compromise the use of an alternating air mattress on the bed.
  • This device allows provision for the ideal management of patients with femoral fractures pre and post operative.
  • Bucks Traction Boots are available to enhance the treatment management.
  • Bucks Traction Boots reduce the costs for patients who require 3 days plus in traction as opposed to the bandage.


  • Adjustable Width, Post to Post 750mm to 1050mm.
  • Suits standard width and bariatric beds
  • Post Height Adjustable using Post Clamping system.
  • Vertical Traction Post-Height Adjustable Multiple position.
  • Vertical Traction Post has positive position location
  • Vertical Traction Post has a Safety Clip to provide greater safety for positive height adjustment
  • Vertical Traction Post is easily positioned along the horizontal bar using a positive lock slider mechanism
  • No tool required
  • Weight 5.9 kg

CLICK to download full instruction manual.



Our water weight bag has a safe working limit (SWL) of 20lbs (9.09kgs), the overall weight on the traction system should not exceed 40lbs (18.18kgs).

The traction cord we have available is rated with a high tensile strength many times in excess of the SWL of the weight bag. This is available as a separate product or a 3m length with purchase of a Bucks Traction Boot.

Please refer to your physician for the prescribed weight application to suit the specific purpose.

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