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SecurForm Thermoplastic Sheets

SecurForm Thermoplastic Sheets

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Splinting Material, Low Temperature Thermoplastic Sheets


  Can be used for almost any splinting application. Use for adult and paediatric positioning, dynamic and static splinting, and for post-burn and post-surgical care. You can tailor splint this thermoplastic into your preferred splint pattern.

Resistance to Stretch

 Minimum to moderate resistance to stretch allows the splinter to control the material throughout the splinting process. Securform tolerates minimum to moderate handling during splint molding. Handle on a horizontal plane and form splint in a gravity-assisted position. Gentle, smooth motions yield superior results.



 Securform has moderate drape and offers conformability with only light to moderate pressure. Lightweight 2.4mm provides more drape than 3.2mm



 With minimum to moderate memory and recovery, splints can be modified a few times without thinning. Reheated splints will not thin or shrink, making it easy to adjust for bandage or edema changes.



Splints made from Securform have a moderate degree of rigidity.


A circumferential splint made of Securform is flexible enough for easy donning and doffing, yet strong enough for immobilization. Splints will give slightly against strong force and will resist breaking.



The unique powder coating gives Securform a tacky feel that helps hold the material in place, allowing the splinter to achieve contours and positioning without the material pulling or falling away. A wet bond will hold firmly but can be pulled apart once cooled. Dry heating two surfaces together will form a strong bond. For a permanent bond, use solvent or scrape-off coating, apply dry heat, and press together.


Surface Finish

Low-profile, beige colour has moderate resistance to fingerprints and resists showing stains. Smooth, self-sealing edges do not require additional finishing, resulting in a professional finish, even after reheating.



Choose 2.4mm or 3.2mm thickness

Sheet dimensions: 46cm x61cm


Choose 1% perforated or Smooth


Note: Also available in Pre-Cut Splint Patterns - contact our Sales Team for more info or a quote!

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