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SecurEze Thermoplastic Sheets

SecurEze Thermoplastic Sheets

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Product Code: SED212

SECUREZE provides a slightly sticky surface when warm to keep material in place for an intimate fit. A permanent bond is achieved by applying dry heat and pinching it together firmly. No solvent is needed. Ideal for making strong, rigid splints for patients who are hard to position or have strong joint contractures.

Surface Finish: Resists fingerprinting. Fingerprints and other marks can be smoothed away by rubbing the surface gently while the splint is warm. Leaves sealed, smooth edges when cut warm. Latex Free: skin friendly without sensitisation and environment friendly with self-degradation.

Sheet dimensions: 46cm x61cm

Colour: White


NOW ALSO AVAILABLE: SecurEze ++, available in 3.2mm Plain or 3.2mm Perforated sheets. SecurEze ++ has all the benefits of our regular SecurEze product but is overall better quality, with the addition of being extra firm and having improved stretch.

SecurEze SED212 2.4mm Plain White
SecurEze SEB212 2.4mm 1% Perforated
SecurEze SED312 3.2mm Plain
SecurEze SEB312 3.2mm 1% Perforated White
SecurEze ++
SEP312 3.2mm Plain White
SecurEze ++ SEQ312
3.2mm Perforated White
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