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Secur Finger Splints Extension S502 Series

Secur Finger Splints Extension S502 Series

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Splint PIP joint ring

Secur Finger Extension Splint (Capener Spring Coiled Splint) S502 series

Spring Coil Finger Splints Ext Splint for PIP joint flexion contractures.

The Secur Extension splint helps to reduce tightness in the PIP joint, flexion contractures and boutonniere deformity.

Secur Spring Coil Extension Splints (Capener) are best suited for contractures up to 45?? that feel elastic when stretched. Capener spring design, features coiled springs that provide dynamic extension while allowing active flexion. Easy to fit.

Low Profile Design

The coil springs provide balanced traction. Appropriate for PIP joint flexion contractures. Provides some MP support. With coil springs placed laterally to the PIP joint, splint does not shift position as PIP extended,

Coil springs are placed on both sides of the PIP joint for balance and strength.

Curved proximal and distal pads distribute pressure evenly. Approximately 8oz. (227g) of force is applied when the PIP joint is in 15?? of flexion. Latex free.

Specifications Size DPC to DIP Middle Pad

  • X-Sml Length 6.4cm Width 22mm
  • Sml Length 7.0cm Width 25mm
  • Medium Length 7.6cm Width 29mm
  • Large Length 8.3cm Width 32mm
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