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Scissors Heavy Duty , Blade 10cm , GINGHER Brand

Scissors Heavy Duty , Blade 10cm , GINGHER Brand

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Product Code: SM12718

Scissors Heavy Duty , Blade 10cm , GINGHER Brand

Available in straight or curved

Gingher shears debuted in 1947 as a premier tool in the textile industry. By 1965, technology and top-notch engineering propelled these shears into an echelon of their own, with unsurpassed craftsmanship and quality. Today, Gingher continues in this tradition, offering the premier line of cutting implements in its traditional markets and now into the Allied Health frontiers


Gingher Heavy Duty Scissors are chrome plated and durable


  • Right Handed straight has Rounded tips provide extra safety.
  • Blades measure 3" (7.6cm) long


Blades measure 8.3cm long Sh/Sh

Recommended for cutting warm thermoplastics

Note: SM12718LH is not a stocked item , please allow 3 weeks for delivery.
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