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Scan Mirror for Visual Feedback (MVF) Feedback

Scan Mirror for Visual Feedback (MVF) Feedback

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Product Code: SMH-3038

SCAN MIRROR SET- IDEAL FOR MIRROR VISUAL FEEDBACK THERAPY (MVF) Brain Retraining for movement, sensation, and pain management

Scan-Mirror Modality is specially designed for upper extremity Mirror Visual Feedback (MVF) therapy.

Mirror Visual therapy (MVT) is a rehabilitation therapy in which a mirror is placed between the arms or legs so that the image of a moving non-affected limb gives the illusion of normal movement in the affected limb. By this setup, different brain regions for movement, sensation, and pain are stimulated.

After a stroke, mirror therapy may improve movement in affected upper or lower limbs and activities of daily living, and appears useful as a supplement to other stroke rehabilitation activities.

Mirror therapy is relatively easy to do, and has the potential to be completed at home by the individual themselves


• Rounded corners and smooth edges.

• Unbreakable mirror; won’t shatter even if dropped.

• Light weight, weighs only 25% of regular glass mirror of same size

• T-Stand™ can be removed for easy storage.

Non-Returnable (once the protective film has been removed from the mirror surface).

Sizes; Clinical / Professional Version 38x48cm with two 'T' piece stands Code SMP-3848 Home Use 30x38cm with (1) 'T' piece stand Code SMH-3038

Accessories: Scan Mirror Laterality Card Set (Contains various images to duplicate hand positions for assessment. Used with Scan Mirror) Code SMH-LC

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