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Resting Pan Splint - Mitt Position Pre-cut Splint (pkt 3)

Resting Pan Splint - Mitt Position Pre-cut Splint (pkt 3)

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Resting Pan Splint - Mitt Position

Abduction Splint

Supports the hand with the thumb in abduction- Sold in Pkts 3 usually 3mm thickness.

2.4mm in Tailor and Securform are available on request

•Ideal for patients with arthritis or neurological impairments.

•Supports the hand in a functional position to help maintain the palmar arches and prevent contractures.

•Thumb can be placed in neutral between palmar and radial abduction.

•Can be easily modified to be applied dorsally for abnormal tone positioning


Measure the circumference of the hand at the MP joints.

Small 16-19cm Medium 19-21cm

Sizes overlap to allow you to choose the size with the best match.

If measurements fall within two ranges , choose the larger and trim to fit.

Actual Sizes Small 38cm Long with forearm Width 14cm Medium 36cm Long with forearm Width 15.5cm

Single patient Use.

Materials are suitable for serial splinting adjustments

Choice of Plastics

For High tone neurological clients use the Secureze or Ezeform Thermoplastics

For clients who require positional splints use Securform or Tailor splints

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