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Resting Pan Functional Splints (pkt 3)

Resting Pan Functional Splints (pkt 3)

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Product Code: RPB-SF3D

Resting Pan Splints Functional Pattern

& Resting Pan Burns -

Thickness 3.2mm or - 2.4mm on request

One of our most popular Precut Resting Pan Splint
Eliminate wasted material and time with this popular splint pattern.
•Immobilizes the wrist and thumb CMC and MP joints. Ideal for treating tenosynovitis, de Quervain's, and thumb MP joint problems.
•The thumb design allows for greater ease of fabrication and positioning

Measure the MP width of the hand
Small MP Joint up to 8.9cm overall length 35cm
Medium MP Joint up to 8.9-10cm overall length 37cm

Universal - Adult Supports the hand in a functional position -wider width to accomodate bandages

Note: Sold in Pkts of 3
Sizes overlap to allow you to choose the size with the best match.
If measurements fall within two ranges, choose the larger and trim to fit.
Single Patient Use.

Please choose the type of material required and if you require plain or perforated thermoplastics.
Note: We can also precut other brands thermoplastic materials

Note: the items listed are cut in Solid/Smooth finish

i.e. Ezeform, Tailor, Securform and SecurEze in a range of thicknesses and plain or perforated, please request a quote on your requirements.

Thermoplastic Choice; Choose Ezeform or SecurEze for High Tone clients where more strength is required or if it a positional splint select Tailor or Securform

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