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Pinch Exerciser Graded Peg Complete Kit

Pinch Exerciser Graded Peg Complete Kit

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Product Code: A1966

Designed to improve hand/pinch strength, coordination, dexterity and fine motor strength.

Five different colour-coded pinch pins with different resistances to suit any patient's needs available.

Kit includes 5 x yellow, 7 x red, 7 x green, 5 x blue, and 7 x black pegs (total 31 pegs) and a frame with three metal rods of different diameters to tailor pinch exercises to your patient's situation, as well as a detatchable vertical rod.

Replacement pegs also available under Pinch Exerciser Graded Pegs.

 Colour Resistance SKU Code
Yellow  1 lb PEG-91
Red 2 lb PEG-82
Green 4 lb PEG-94
Blue 6 lb PEG-72
Black 8 lb PEG-52
Assorted 1 x each colour PEG-MX5
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