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Paraffin Wax -Heat treatment medical wax Refill

Paraffin Wax -Heat treatment medical wax Refill

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If you look down at your hands and see knotted bunch of crooked joints that can no longer button your shirt, then you might want to read this. Hand arthritis affects millions of people every day.
In a recent study, a number of people with hand arthritis were asked to try paraffin wax treatments. Those who used the paraffin wax experienced more pain relief and stronger hands compared to those who did not use the paraffin wax. - Both hands should be dipped, removed, and redipped once the wax had hardened. Repeat for a total of 10 layers. After the layers of wax are applied, the hands should be covered with a plastic bag and wrapped in towels. After 15 minutes, the wax is removed. This daily protocol is pretty standard for the treatment of hand arthritis using paraffin wax.
Use only in a Profession Grade Wax Bath with Temperature control
Always test temperature prior to application.

Scent Free Premium Blended Refill Paraffin 450grams.

SM15496-US Scent Free Box 6 x 450gm
SM15496 Wintergreen Box 6 x 450gm

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