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Oval 8 Finger Splint

Oval 8 Finger Splint

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Product Code: SM1008-021

Oval 8 Finger Splint

Choose from sizes 2-15 - Contact sales if you require a mixed pack of sizes

■Oval-8 Finger Splints can be worn six different ways, depending on the condition or treatment.

■Made of seamless molded plastic, the splints are so light and comfortable they are hardly noticeable to the wearer.

■When properly fit, Oval-8 splints do not require tape or straps to stay in place. The wearer can wash his/her hands, swim or work in water without having to remove the splints or replace messy tape.

■The open design keeps skin dry, and the broad flat bands distribute pressure evenly for wearing comfort.

■Oval-8 splints promote better hand function, so they can be worn full time or easily slipped on and off as needed.

Because a precise fit is required to assure optimal treatment results, Oval-8 splints are best sized by a healthcare provider or medical equipment specialist.

Measure Your Finger Using a flexible measuring tape. Measure around the joint of your affected finger. ( Measure Joint Circumference)

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