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Orficast Thermoplastic Tape

Orficast Thermoplastic Tape

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Orficast Thermoplastic Tape

Extremely comfortable for your patient

Now available in Black or Blue. Orficast™ Thermoplastic Tape is ideal for simple finger splints, thumb splints and supportive bandage wraps. Orficast activates in warm water (65°C) and can be moulded directly on the patient, with no risk of skin burning. Material can be cut with regular scissors at any desired shape/length. Velcro strapping can be attached directly to Orficast tape with dry heat (ie short blast from a heat gun).

With full memory, and it can be re-heated and reshaped. Moderate resistance to stretch. The knitted structure allows skin ventilation of the patient making it ideal when dealing with wounds. The perfect alternative to plaster and fibreglass casting- no protective measures and undercast padding required. Waterproof, patients can swim with splints made of Orficast.

Perfect to use in case of traumatic and orthopaedic conditions which require quick and easy immobilization orthoses.

Recommended also as first aid product in casting rooms and operating theatres. All types of immobilization finger orthoses, and hand based wrist and thumb orthoses.

Precise modelling and snug fit prevent pressure points.

Allows to fabricate static progressive orthoses to regain range of motion.

Also recommended to use in case of fragile skin, for example for patients suffering a poly-arthritic condition.

Fabrication of larger orthoses will require dry heat for bonding

This improved tape is ideally suited for serial splinting or casting of fingers. It can be applied directly to the patient's skin and provides for a low profile splint. Orficast sets faster than casting material and does not require undercast padding. It can be removed with cast scissors (A371-30) and does not require a cast saw.)

Tape roll allows to use circumferential wrapping and moulding technique. Time saving. No need to make pattern

Perfect size widths (3 cm and 6 cm) for small and larger orthoses. Can accommodate different sized fingers and different orthotic designs. Available in black and blue.

Overlapping seams are not perceptible on the inside. Application of multiple layers raises rigidity and stability of the orthoses.


4032 Orficast Tape Blue 6cm x 3m

4031-1 Orficast Tape Blue 3cm x 3m

4032Z Orficast Tape Black 6cm x 3m

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