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Maternity Belt Extra Soft with Double Pull

Maternity Belt Extra Soft with Double Pull

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Maternity Pelvic Belt Double pull XS

MATERNITY BELT with Double Pull for varied tension
A maternity support belt is a specially designed pregnancy band. The M/Belt wraps around and under a pregnant mothers bump.Provides support and assists in relieving back pain.
Total Support Belly Band Maternity Belt series Comfortably supports the lumbar and abdominal regions to help provide relief of lower back pain and discomfort during pregnancy. Made of a unique Medical grade elastic that provides excellent support and comfort with individual adjustment. Complete with elastic compression side panels to provide controlled compressive support. Indicated to help relieve the minor lumbar and abdominal pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy and provide lumbar and abdominal support. ColorWhite. Width 7.5cm
Always seek medical advice before proceeding with any garment.
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