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Knee Spreader Coated cover with Straps

Knee Spreader Coated cover with Straps

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Knee Spreader Coated cover with Straps- Knee Separator

Knee Abduction Spreader Pillow T shaped helps prevent hip adduction in post-operative patients and wheelchair users. Wedge-shape maintains proper positioning for lower extremities, which contributes to improved posture and sitting tolerance, as well as ensuring airflow and preventing adductor spasticity.

Waterproof, featuring coated waterproof closed-cell foam with Hook and Loop Closure Fasteners


  • Prevents hip adduction
  • Comfortably maintains 10cm of knee separation
  • Wipe-clean waterproof model
  • Foam Knee Wedge for Leg Abduction or Alignment
  • Delivery- Please allow 10-21 Days Special Order
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