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Isotoner Therapeutic Compression Gloves- Fingerless & Closed Tipped

Isotoner Therapeutic Compression Gloves- Fingerless & Closed Tipped

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Isotoner (Australia) Fingerless Open Tipped Compression Gloves SM53022 Series are a comfortable option for anyone that needs moderate compression--approximately 23-32 mmHg.

This specially designed therapeutic glove from Isotoner helps ease pain and swelling due to Arthritis or injury. Use this glove anytime day or night and the gentle even compression will soothe and reduce swollen aching hands. The open finger design allows freedom of movement and Seamless Support keeps seams away from pain-sensitive areas like the base of the thumb. Isotoner has worked with Certified Hand Therapists in designing this glove for therapeutic use. 

Isotoner (Australia) Closed Tipped Compression Gloves : SM53023- Series Isotoner therapeutic gloves help control swelling by providing gentle, even compression throughout the hand. While some compression devices restrict movement and are only advised to be used during rest periods. Isotoner gloves can be worn at any time day or night, during rest and activity.

Compression Rating Isotoner therapeutic glove compression is considered moderate: 23-32 mm Hg*. *Compression estimated from the circumference around the knuckles.

Please consult your Doctor or Therapist before using. Latex Free.

Sold in "Pairs" only.

Sizing Guide available - please refer to image.

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