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Hand Volumeter for Measuring Oedema

Hand Volumeter for Measuring Oedema

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Hand Volumeter for Measuring Oedema

Accurately Measure and Quantify Oedema Changes

Hand Volumeter to quantify Oedema Changes. Simply submerge the hand in the volumeter. The excess water is caught by the overflow receiver and then measured in the graduated cylinder. The displaced water measures Oedema accurately, allowing for effective monitoring of edema.

  1. Place a measured receptacle /jug under the spout .
  2. Fill with measured amount of water to base of spout
  3. Have the client insert hand slowly, with fingers spread, so the fingers are on either side of the central bar, until the web of the middle and ring finger rested on the stop bar of the volumeter., The arm should be pronated and thumb facing the spout
  4. The receptacle will fill from the overflow of water.
  5. Measure the amount of over flow and compare patients results to determine increase/decrease in the oedema

Advantage - It is the gold standard tool for the measurement of oedema


Height 30cm

Width 12cm x Length 20cm with a wider base plate 14cm x 20cm

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