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Gel Flex Ultra Thin Gel Sheet Self Adhesive Series

Gel Flex Ultra Thin Gel Sheet Self Adhesive Series

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Gel Flex is an anti -microbial gel sheet for scar management

Gel Flex Ultra Provide excellent conformability for small and large surfaces.

This version is approximately ½ the thickness of our original Gel Sheeting GS3080.

Our new, thinner design is ideal for reducing friction and shear forces and to improve the comfort of devices and braces that are used on smaller, more delicate areas of the body such as the fingers and toes, where limiting excessive bulk is vital to ensuring the proper fit of the device.

Our proprietary Gel Flex Silicone Gel has been dermatologist tested and is hypoallergenic. The sheeting is washable and reusable and is a “Diabetic Friendly” product.

Our versatile gel sheeting protects and absorbs pressure and friction while providing a mild level of cushioning. The sheeting is covered with a 4-way stretch, anti-microbial fabric, and contours to any prominence or body shape. We specially formulated our silicone gel so that the sheeting can be easily removed from delicate skin and may help to improve the appearance of scars.

Sizing Gel Flex Ultra silicone gel sheet is available in two sizes:

Gel Flex Ultra 25 x 200 mm x 1 mm Pk 2

Gel Flex Ultra 50 x 200 mm x 1 mm Each

Trim to a size slightly larger than the scar.

Formulation enhances the condition of the skin while providing optimum protection and comfort.

Vitamin A for improved skin appearance Vitamin E for natural healing Vitamin F essential fatty acids softening and smoothing formula

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