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Foam Wedge Bolster, Sidelyer with Vinyl Cover

Foam Wedge Bolster, Sidelyer with Vinyl Cover

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Foam Wedge Bolster, Sidelyer with Vinyl Cover, Knee Elevator

This bolster has been found to a universal useful pattern . Suitable to be used a sidelyer for torso positioning. The bolster is being used in elevation and positioning of the legs .Elevating your legs in this manner relaxes the tension in your lower back and allows your spine to lay flat and straight on the mattress. This greatly relieves any pressure or discomfort you are feeling in that area.

When used as a Knee Bolster the pattern helps to provide relief from back pain, our Knee Bolsters can be used to make sitting and sleeping more comfortable. The ergonomic design slides easily under your legs and knees taking the pressure off of pressure points in your legs, lower spine, hip, and mid-back areas. For sufferers of chronic back pain, the knee bolster has been found to be an ideal and affordable solution. Some of the benefits that affordable knee bolsters include:

  • Improved body alignment
  • Pressure relief on the lower back and knees
  • Pain relief for sufferers of chronic illnesses like arthritis and chronic migraines
  • Reduction in acid reflux or GERD
  • Support for injuries, especially lower body injuries

The Bolster is also being used in the fracture clinics as a support , whilst cast application is being applied


Width 52cm Height 18cm to 0cm

Angular Bolster Vinyl Cover
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