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Foam Tubing - Ideal for hand grip build ups

Foam Tubing - Ideal for hand grip build ups

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FOAM TUBING- Build handles for better grip

Foam tubing with hole for insertion of Pens, Cutlery and other implements.

Ideal for visually impaired and paediatric use. Use this closed-cell, slip-resistant foam to build up cutlery and other hard-to-grasp handles.

This tubing is a soft foam rubber which will not absorb water. It features a hollow tube down the centre of the tubing so it can be placed over objects such as cutlery and pencils to build up the grip. The hole is available in various diameters. It is supplied in packs of six and each tube can be cut to length. The outside surface is of a soft smooth texture.

Regular Sizes

Tan/Beige (30cm length) - 22mm tube diameter and 6.4mm hole diameter

Red (30cm length) - 29mm tube diameter and 9.5mm hole diameter

Blue (30cm length) - 29mm tube diameter and 19mm hole diameter

MIXED Pack (30cm length) - 2 x Tan tubes, 2 x Red, 2 x Blue



Special Sizes - Not included in Mixed Pack.

Blue (45cm length) - 35mm tube diameter and 9.5mm hole diameter (PACK OF 6)

Light Blue (45cm length)   - 19mm tube diameter and 6.5mm hole diameter (PACK OF 2)

Please allow working 14 days for delivery if not in stock

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