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Aluminium Finger Splints Padded (Pkt/10)

Aluminium Finger Splints Padded (Pkt/10)

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Product Code: SM12783

Splint finger/thumb immobiliser, foam covered aluminium or oth

Finger Splints Padded Aluminium 

Finger Splints Padded

Foam backed 1.2mm aluminium strip. Padded with 8mm soft breathable foam.
All edges are rounded and bevelled.
Finger splints can be cut and contoured to the required length and shape.

Cut with heavy scissors for a custom fit.
???Made of lightweight aluminium padded with 6.4mm foam.
???For protection or immobilization in case of acute injuries, such as mallet finger deformity.
???Strips can be bent, cut and shaped as necessary.
???For optimal securement, wrap with SecurCo ??(Cohesive)Wrap bandages

Choose From 4 Sizes (Sold in Pkts10)
Code SM12783 13mm x 480mm
Code SM12784 19mm x 480mm
Code SM12785 24mm x 480mm
Code SM12786 32mm x 480mm

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