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Featherlite reacher ( Helping Hand)

Featherlite reacher ( Helping Hand)

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Product Code: SM28521


Featherlite Reacher (Helping Hand)

Reaching made easy’ range comfortably helps you to deal with those everyday tasks.

Our most popular Reacher.

FeatherLite™ Reachers require only 176g of pressure to close the jaws. The ergonomically designed handle allows items to be grasped with a firm, non slip grip. Pull clothing or blankets with the convenient lug, and lift small metal objects with the magnet. The claw teeth are interlocking with soft, moulded tip grooves. Holds lightweight objects measuring up to 7.0cm wide. Available in two lengths: Regular (66cm), and Long (81cm).

Code Size

SM28521 Regular Reacher 45cm

SM28522 Long Handled Reacher 81cm

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