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Plaster Cutting Scissor Esmarch 20cm Armo A6007 (EACH)

Plaster Cutting Scissor Esmarch 20cm Armo A6007 (EACH)

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Eschmarch Plaster Shears 20cm S/S

Heavy Duty Shear

Esmarch Plaster Shears are non-ratcheted finger ring specialty scissors designed for use with plaster and fiberglass casting. These scissors should never be used on tissue. They are a heavy shears with angled, standard blades. This product has angled, blunt/blunt blades, and an overall length of 8 inches, (20cm) The slanted, short blade features a rounded tip that increases patient safety when trimming close to the skin.

Ideal when trimming warmed thermoplastics or trimming cast material edges and for cutting the inner layers of plaster or sythentic cast materials.

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