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Derma Gel Sheet for scar management

Derma Gel Sheet for scar management

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DermaGel Sheet for Scar management 

 Now available in Flesh with fabric backed or as the Original Clear version

Size 14.5 x12 x 0.18 cm Single Sheet

Our most popular silicone gel sheet for reduction in scarring

DERMAGEL (is ideal for reducing the size and erythema of new or old scars due to burns, trauma and surgery. This Medical-grade silicone elastomer provides excellent conformity around contours for intimate contact with the scar. Thin, translucent DERMA GEL is cosmetically appealing and encourages compliance. Patients appreciate the discreet, low-profile look. Single-sided tackiness prevents sticking to clothing or other dressings, and the thin poly-film liner allows clean, smooth cutting of custom shapes. A strong adhesive holds the material in place, reducing the need for secondary fixation. Limits the development and recurrence of both hypertrophic and keloid scars.

 DERMAGEL Natural(Fabric Backed)

offers all the advantages of original DERMA GEL, but with a soft, natural colored fabric liner. This helps maintain the integrity of the gel sheet and assists in the handling of the product

 Sheets come individually sealed in pouches. Standard Sheet: (14.5 x12 x 0.18 cm) single sheet .

Either sheet may be cut with scissors if required to suit your application

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