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Cuff Cutlery Holder Eating Aid

Cuff Cutlery Holder Eating Aid

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Product Code: UC275

Cuff Cutlery Holder Eating Aid

Cutlery holder for slim handled cutlery with "O" ring release .

Useful for people with limited hand function or a weak grip.

Cutlery Utensil Holder
Comfortable, easily adjustable, strap handle that provides a secure grasp on a variety of handle shapes and sizes.

Universal Cuff may be used for Cutlery or small handled products. Hook and loop closure with a D-ring strap adjustment. Easy to put on and take off. Pocket measures 3in (7.6cm) long and is sewn closed on one end. Made of comfortable webbing. Machine wash, gentle cycle.

The UC Cuff features a stretch 'O'Ring strap to make it easier to apply and remove for those with weak pincer grip.

Size Guide (Measure Palm Circumference):

Size Palm Circumference
Small 17.5-19 cm
Medium 18-22 cm
Large 22.5-25 cm

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