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Edema Compression Gloves

Edema Compression Gloves

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Product Code: SM53220
  • Therapeutic Isotonic Compression Gloves provide warmth and compression for soothing soft tissue edema and arthritic joint pain. Manufactured from Soft Lycra material with Outside seams , Compression rates between 15 to 25 mm Hg
    • Choose either Open or Full Finger (Closed Tip)
  • Features an open slit in the cuff for easy application and non-constricting fit.
  • Provides a soft , gentle even compression to edematous tissue.
  • Measures 7.6cm length proximally past the wrist crease.

Sizing Guide (MCP Width - refer to image):

Size Width
Extra Small 15-18 cm
Small 18-20 cm
Medium 19-22 cm
Large 20-25 cm


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