Splints Wrist & Hand Pro Rheuma

Image Description: Allows fingers and thumb to move freely while providing excellent wrist support.

This is a low profile patient compliant, fleecy lined brace with gauntlet /glove slip on application for ease of donning and doffing. Features a removable thermoplastic palmar spoon, which is heat adjustable, by your therapist,if required. Velcro™ closures with ‘D’ rings complete the brace dorsally.

Indications: Used to provide wrist protection and immobilization for wrist injuries such as arthritis, inflammation, sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, game keepers thumb,wrist instabilities and joint pain.

Remove wrist stay prior to washing in cool, soapy water. Air dry.
Latex free.
For sizing, measure hand circumference at the level of the palmar crease.
Note: Also available with Thumb component see Pro Rheuma Wristand Thumb

Measure Hand Circumference at Palmar Crease          
Size Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Measurement 140-160mm 160-180mm 180-200mm 200-220mm 220-240mm

FixxGlove Orthoses- Dupuytren's Contracture

Image Comfortable night orthosis designed for post surgical management of Dupuytren’s contracture.
FixxGlove orthosis is a static extension night orthosis/splint that is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. The comfortable design may increase patient compliance in long term treatment scenarios.
The FixxGlove orthosis dorsal stay ismade from malleable Aluminum and supports the last three fingers. Gripping with the thumb and index finger will still be possible when wearing the glove orthosis. A zipper situated in the palm makes it easier donning and doffing the glove, in particular when the fingers are contracted.

Medical literature proposes that a static extension orthosis/splint be worn at night for 1-8 months shortly following surgical procedures such as Percutaneous Needle Fasciotomies (Percutaneous Needle Aponeurotomy) and Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum injections as well as Fascioectomies.

It is made from Cabretta Leather and is non-washable. Latex Free.
Please note that the FixxGlove orthosis should not be worn without it being recommended by a medical professional. Please make sure that a professional made the required measurements to insure a proper fit. Only wear the FixxGloves orthosis after wounds are healed.

Sizing chart (Measure circumference around the knuckles):

•S: 18 - 20cm
•M: 20 – 23cm
•L: 23 - 25cm
•XL: 25 - 27cm
Please allow 70 10 days delivery-

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SECURFLEX Extension/Flexion Wrist Control Brace

Image SecurFlex 'Extension/Flexion Control'Neoprene Wrist Brace
Made from Totalprene with medical plush lining,Pre-shaped Palmar and Dorsal Stays with Circumferential Flexion Control Strap.
The Totalprene maybe trimmed with scissors to remove excess material. Velcro fastening system is provided to enable easier application and removal.

Size Wrist Circumference
Extra Small 130-145mm
Small 145-160mm
Medium 160-175mm
Large 175-190mm
Ex-Large 190-205mm
Specify Left or Right

Splints Wrist and Hand ( No Thumb)

Exoform Wrist 8" (20cm) 5070 series
Ideal for Carpal Tunnel Soft Lycra Lined with durable shell outer

Specify Left Or Right
FixxGlove Orthoses Palmar 150374 Series
Night Orthoses -Three fingers covered / Two fingers exposed (150374)
Wrist Brace Pro Rheuma Wrist Brace 119000Series
Allows fingers & thumb to move freely (PRHW)

Wrist Brace Ambidextrous Manutec® Fix M760 series
Provides a triple action immobilisation system- Suits Right /Left (M760-1)




Wrist Brace Exoform® Lite Carpal Tunnel Brace 5170 series
Ideal for Carpal Tunnel Soft Lycra Lined with durable shell outer

Specify Left Or Right
Wrist Brace Paediatric 'Rainbow 116500 series
Wrist Pain,Sprains,Soft Tissue Injury,Post fracture,Carpal Tunnel (CTS) (116500)

Wrist Brace SecurFlex Wrist Flexion Blue Series
Features Palmar and Dorsal Stays for full circumferential support (SFW9 series)

Wrist Flexion Brace Securflex 11 Black WR320 Series Nylon
Wrist Pain,Sprains,Soft Tissue Injury,Post fracture,Carpal Tunnel (CTS)






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