Clinical Evaluation & Training- Scan Mirror

Scan-Mirror™ Modality, the ideal mirror for Mirror Visual Feedback Therapy

Scan-Mirror Modality is specially designed for upper extremity Mirror Visual Feedback (MVF) therapy.

NEW! Included with the Clinic/Professional version, is the newly designed Scan-Mirror(tm) Laterality Cards!

It features:!
•Optimal size for upper extremity mirror therapies. Allows for full range of motion exercises. •Unrestricted view of the patient by the Medical Professional. •Super-elliptical shape features safe rounded corners and smooth edges. •Unbreakable mirror; wont shatter even if dropped. •Light weight, weighs only 25% of regular glass mirror of same size •Two stands/feet can be adjusted for optimal positioning and removed for easy storage. •Instructional Video with suggested exercises •Carrying case
•Scan-Mirror Laterality Cards The reflective surface of the mirror is approximately: 15x19 inches (38 x 48cm). Smooth edges and rounded corners allow the patient to work comfortably in both horizontal and vertical movement planes, from the table surface all the way up to shoulder height. The mirror is glass-free and made from durable plastic with a reflective coating on one side. Two removable stands/feet secure the Scan-Mirror in an upright position.

Mirror therapy is a relatively new rehabilitation treatment method. Published scientific research claims about mirror therapy relate to both neurology and hand therapy. Mirrors can be used in the treatment of phantom pain, nerve injury, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Arthritis and other diagnoses.
As part of an overall treatment program, mirrors should only be used by trained medical professionals.

Two removable Stand/Feet can easily be placed in different positions.

Non-Returnable (once the protective film has been removed from the mirror surface).

Foot note

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Scan Mirror

Scan-Mirror™ Laterality Cards
MVF Mirror Visual Feedback Cards for Brain Retraining usual Visual Stimulation (SM-LC)
Scan Mirror™ Tool, For Home Use Visual Feedback Mirror (MVF)
Brain Retraining - MVF Scan Mirror 12x15 inches (30 x 38cm) Lightweight and Portable (SMH-3038)
Scan Mirror Brain Retraining - Professional Kit
Brain Retraining - MVF Mirror Feedback Therapy for Clinicians (SMP3848)




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